Lavender and chamomile handcraft soap

100% handmade with the highest quality essential oils.This soap helps to relax reddened skin and soften scars, it is ideal to use before sleeping especially when there is a lot of stress due to the great mix of ingredients.


30 grams of beeswax 100 grams of olive oil 50 grams of cocoa butter 5 drops of Lavender essential oil 8 drops of vitamin E Everything should be put together in a water bath until the wax and butter dissolve. When it is cold add the Lavender oil And when all is ready place it …



Florida Water has been used since ancient times for its physical and spiritual properties. … It is a perfume combined with water, alcohol and essential oils, musk and benzoin, with touches of citrus and floral notes.Its special aroma refreshes body, mind and spirit. Florida Water is a scented water. It is an American version of …


Bath salts

After a long day at work, a nice and relaxing hot bath with salts and lavender is what you need, here I let you know how to make them with only 3 ingredients 2/3 cup of Sea Salt1 cup of crumbled lavender flowersLavender essential oil You must mix the sea salt with the lavender and …

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Crema Humectante y Suavizante

Si necesitas mejorar tu piel y sentirla más humectada y suave, ésta receta es para ti, ya que hidrata, cicatriza y calma tu piel entre muchas otras cosas que hace por ti. Crema Humectante y Suavizante 60 gr Aceite de Oliva 20gr Cera de Abeja 10gr Miel 7gr de polen 5 gr de jalea real …

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Perlas de Maquillaje

INGREDIENTES: MANTECA DE CACAOMANTECA DE KARITECERA DE ABEJASALMIDON DE MAIZMICAS Y NACARANTES DE COLORES Todas las perlas llevan de base almidón de maíz , 5 gramos en cada caso mas las micas y nacarantes; NACARANTES: rosas, 1,5 gbronce, 0,5 g0,5g mica bronce0,5 g dorado0,5 g nacarante rosaPara las perlas mas claras utilizamos0,5 g de nacarante …

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