Florida Water has been used since ancient times for its physical and spiritual properties. … It is a perfume combined with water, alcohol and essential oils, musk and benzoin, with touches of citrus and floral notes.
Its special aroma refreshes body, mind and spirit.

Florida Water is a scented water.

It is an American version of Eau de Cologne.

It has the same citrus base as Eau de Cologne, but changes the emphasis to sweet orange (more so than the lemon and orange blossom oil from the original Eau de Cologne), and spicy notes are added including lavender and cloves.
The name refers to the Fountain of Youth that was supposedly located in Florida, as well as the floral base of the fragrance.

To make a florida water you need;
Peel off three citrus fruits (they can be orange, lemon and grapefruit)
2 cinnamon sticks
7 or 8 cloves
Dried plants (rosemary, mint, spearmint … this is up to each person)
If you have any fresh aromatic plants you can also add them.
50% Alcohol of 96 or alcohol denat
50% distilled water
Essential oil (the one you like the most, one or two that combine well). For 100ml use about 10 drops
One tablespoon of liquid glycerin.
Macerate in an airtight glass container for 40 days, shaking it daily and stored where it is out of direct light.
Once that time has passed, filter it well using a cotton cloth and add the essential oil and liquid glycerin.
Florida water has medicinal properties that can help you with your daily needs.
Reduces itching of the scalp thanks to its relaxing properties.
Eliminates headaches caused by stress.
Relaxes your muscles from daily tension or the pain produced after exercising.
Helps reduce temperature in feverish processes.
The florida water is a powerful regenerating and astringent that will help you close the pores of the skin.
Cleans environments and spaces (you can use it as an air freshener too).
It is widely used also for esoteric purposes.

  • Releases stagnant energy and transforms it into positive.
  • Protects the aura.
  • Attracts good fortune, success and prosperity.

Adding a few drops of florida water to the shower gives your skin freshness and regeneration.

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