Benefits of natural soaps

Do you want to know why handmade soap is better? If you like nature, to take care of the environment and you are concerned about your health so you want to limit the amount of synthetic chemicals in your body, then this information is for you. If we go deeper into the subject and investigate, …

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Regeneraoil – oil treatment

We all like to have shiny and healthy hair as it gives your personal image an impressive change. However, no matter how hard you try to grow it overnight, it is a fact that hair grows 1-1.5 centimeters a month. However, with proper care, you can ‘speed up’ the process, making it grow strong and …

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To make a LIP GLOSS at home

we share these ingredients with you. 5gr of castor oil3 gr of jojoba oil3 gr of coconut oil2 drops Vitamin E0.5 g of mica powder if you want cosmetic color or glitter.

Lavender and chamomile handcraft soap

100% handmade with the highest quality essential oils.This soap helps to relax reddened skin and soften scars, it is ideal to use before sleeping especially when there is a lot of stress due to the great mix of ingredients.


30 grams of beeswax 100 grams of olive oil 50 grams of cocoa butter 5 drops of Lavender essential oil 8 drops of vitamin E Everything should be put together in a water bath until the wax and butter dissolve. When it is cold add the Lavender oil And when all is ready place it …


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