On this occasion we want to introduce you to the great world of fragrances and some different aromas for the season, We love red currant and cream fragrance oil. It’s a bit sweet, but with a hint of creamy musk that’s perfect for fall.

This recipe is a very simple recipe with only two ingredients. Just mix to get that delicious, quick, homemade scent but with a luxurious feel.

2-3 cups unscented organic lotion base
1 teaspoon red currant fragrance oil and cream
Put the ingredients in a large bowl, mix the base of the lotion and the aromatic oil. You can adjust the amount of fragrance oil if you prefer a stronger scent, but start with 1 teaspoon and continue. Keep whisking the mixture until the oil has completely disappeared into the lotion. Place the finished lotion in an airtight container to store and use as needed.

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