Coconut Mist Spray





The use of coconut is very beneficial for health, as it has lauric acid, vitamin E and K, which are a combination of ideal ingredients to deeply moisturize the skin tissues of your face and body, and promote regeneration cell of the same, providing softness.

We show you some of the most important benefits here.

• Coconut fights dryness thanks to its essential fatty acids that do not make the skin greasy.

• Eliminates dead skin cells. You can even use it on the scalp for those who suffer dry dandruff.

• Fight eczema. For those who suffer this problem, coconut is a natural remedy to end the itchiness they produce.

• Prevents stretch marks. Once again, due to its essential fatty acids, it is a perfect natural treatment to combat and prevent stretch marks. Hydrates and restores elasticity to the body.

• Helps against acne. It has antibacterial properties due to its high doses of lauric acid that disinfects rashes, in addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ally against annoying pimples.
Now that you know all its benefits for the skin, do not hesitate to try it.

Use: Spray on any environment or place where needed.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Mineral
Oil, Mix of natural herbs.

Warning : For external use only avoid contact with eyes keep
out of the reach of children. if any ingestion or rash occurs
contact your doctor.



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